Fromm’s Love Idea and the Value of Research on Contemporary Chinese Society [弗洛姆爱的思想及其对中国当代社会建设价值研究], Master thesis, Chinese Marxist Research, Xi'an University of Science and Technology, Shaanxi, Xi’an, China 2014.

  • 作为西方著名的哲学家、社会学家、心理学家,弗洛姆通过自身真实生活和经历为基础,对人类的爱进行深入理论研究,以期帮助人们获得幸福。现代社会中,随着物质水平的不断丰富和科技的飞速发展,人们不断追逐物质收获的成功感,却越来越忽视精神世界,爱护与关心,人际冷漠、精神空虚、社会矛盾冲突等问题日益频发,物质和精神、索取和奉献、自私与关爱等的失衡,使人们日益偏离真正幸福的道路。弗洛姆爱的思想赋予了幸福更深层的含义,提出爱在本质上是>给予<,将爱分为神爱、自爱、母爱、性爱、博爱等层次,提出了爱的实践方式,指明了人通往幸福和谐的道路,使人们明白,真正的幸福是可以通过个体自身主动的努力和实践而获得的,即幸福是从爱开始的。论文主要阐述了如下内容:一是阐述了本论文的研究背景和意义、国内外研究现状,对当前弗洛姆爱的思想研究进行了梳理和分析。二是详细介绍了弗洛姆生平及其关于爱的主要著作,揭示了弗洛姆爱的理论产生背景,通过对宗教信仰爱、马克思哲学理论、弗洛伊德理论进行深入分析,对弗洛姆爱的思想理论渊源进行了揭示。三是总结凝练了弗洛姆爱的思想内涵,包括爱的定义、爱的要素、爱的实践等。四是论述了弗洛姆爱的思想的生成逻辑,对弗洛姆爱的思想积极因素和消极因素进行了评价。五是将弗洛姆爱的思想与中国当代社会建设相结合,指出了弗洛姆爱的思想对中国当代社会建设的启示,其对社会主义核心价值观培育、对人的全面发展的理论与实践、对现代社会人的爱的思想和行动具有重要借鉴意义。
  • As a famous western philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, Fromm through their own true life and experience as the foundation, the in-depth theoretical study on human love, in order to help people find happiness in society. In modern society, with the enrichment of material level and the rapid development of science and technology, people are constantly chasing material gain the success, and ignore the spiritual world of love and concern, interpersonal indifference, spiritual emptiness, social contradictions increasingly frequent problems in material and spiritual, claim and dedication, selfish and love, such as imbalance, make people increasingly deviating from the path of true happiness. Fromm’s thoughts of love gives a deeper meaning happiness, love is >giving< in essence, love can be divided into god’s love, love, love, sex, love, such as level, put forward the practice of love, to point the way to happiness, harmony, make people understand that the real happiness is the individual to be gained through their own efforts and practice, namely the happiness from love. Thesis mainly expounds the following contents: one is elaborated in this paper the research background and significance, research status at home and abroad, research on the current Fromm’s thoughts of love and analyzed.– Second, Fromm’s life was introduced in detail and its main works about love, reveals the theoretical background of Fromm’s love, love based on religious beliefs, Marxist philosophy theory, analyzing the theory of Freud, thought and theory origin of Fromm’s love was revealed.– Three is concise summary of the connotation of Fromm’s thoughts of love, including the definition of love, love, love of the elements of practice, etc.– Fourth, discusses the generation logic of Fromm’s ideas of love, love from the positive factors and negative factors in the evaluation.– Five is to Fromm’s ideas of love combined with contemporary Chinese social construction, Fromm’s thoughts of love are pointed out for the value of the contemporary Chinese social construction, the cultivation of socialist core values, to the person’s full scale development. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Ju Chai
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