Exploration of the >We< in the Art World [走进《我们》的艺术世界], Master thesis, Russian Language and Literature, Qiqihar University, Qiqihar, Heilongjang, China 2014 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 20世纪二三十年代是俄罗斯反乌托邦小说兴起和快速发展的阶段。诞生于1921年的扎米亚京的《我们》不仅被称之为反乌托邦文学的开山之作,更是俄罗斯反乌托邦文学的奠基石。尽管在当时它被认为是>不合时宜<的,但是随着历史的发展,作品的珍贵价值正逐渐地被突显出来。鉴于扎米亚京和这部作品在俄罗斯文坛的重要地位和深远影响,以及反乌托邦文学体裁的独特艺术魅力,本文将再一次走进《我们》那瑰丽的艺术世界。论文共分为七个部分,引言部分主要介绍了反乌托邦文学产生的历史背景和发展的脉络;第一章着重分析《我们》创作背景、文学地位和价值;第二章到第五章分别从时空、主题、悖论、人的异化四个层面深入探索小说《我们》精彩纷呈的艺术世界:1、反乌托邦时空;2、>反方案<的主题;3、>荒谬而又真实<的悖论;4、>我们<的异化。结尾部分全面总结了《我们》所营造的独特的艺术世界。文中更是用弗洛姆自由论、马斯洛人类需求阶级理论来诠释《我们》作为反乌托邦文学的必然性,充分展示了扎米亚京《我们》这篇反乌托邦文学楚翘创作的独特视角和艺术魅力。
  • In the 1920s and1930s, the Anti-Utopian fictions were rising and developed rapidly. >We< written by Zamyatin in 1921, has been regarded as the first Anti-Utopian work, what is more, it was the mile-stone of Anti-Utopian literature in Russia. Although it was believed that We was inappropriate, the value of the book seemed prominent gradually with the development of history. This paper will give a picture about the mysterious art world made by We again due to the greatness and significance of Zamyatin and We in Russian Literature and the unique artistic glamour in Anti-Utopian works. There are seven parts in this paper. The introduction mainly gives a brief view of the historic back-ground and development of Anti-Utopian literature and its causes; the first chapter pays more attention to the background information, the status and value of We; chapters 2-5 deeply analyze the artistic world in We from the perspectives of time and space, the theme, the paradox and the alienation of human beings respectively: 1. the Anti-Utopian time and space; 2. the theme of counter-program; 3. >absurd but real< paradox and 4. the alienation in We. At the end of the paper, the unique artistic world created by We is summarized. Fromm’s theory of Freedom and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs are employed to illustrate the inevitability of treating We as the masterpiece in Anti-Utopian literature so as to show the unique view and artistic glamour Zamyatin’s We presents. [Author’s translation]

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