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Seeking the Sense of Belonging in the City: Based on the Analysis of Fromm's >Alienation of Human Nature< 找寻城市归属感:基于弗洛姆>人性异化<的分析视角

  • 城市本应让生活更美好,但是城市的人们却倍感人情冷漠、精神空虚、孤独寂寞,很难融入城市,没有城市归属感。造成城市归属感缺失的原因主要是社会分工引起的个体交往分散化、市场经济制度与货币化对人个性的消磨、城市人口独特性对精神生活的影响、城市社区类型转变造成的社会资本下降、时空分离导致的不安全感、现代化造成的人性异化。弗洛姆的>人性异化<和>生产型人格<理论为找寻城市归属感提供了有益借鉴,可通过塑造共同想象力,促进自由人的自由联合来找寻城市归属感。
  • In the city, the city should have made life better, but the people of the city are feeling more indifferent, the spirit is empty, lonely, it is difficult to integrate into the city, there is no sense of belonging to the city. The reason of the loss of urban sense of belonging is mainly due to the decentralization of individual communication caused by social division of labor, the consumption of market economy system and monetization, the influence of urban population uniqueness on spiritual life, the decline of social capital caused by the change of urban community type, The sense of insecurity caused by space - time separation, the alienation of human nature caused by modernization. Fromm's theory of >human alienation< and >production personality< provide a useful reference for the search of urban sense of belonging, which can promote the freedom of association of free people by shaping common imagination. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Fulei Zhu
Parent Title (Chinese):Journal of Anqing Teachers College (Social Science Edition) 安庆师范学院学报(社会科学版), No. 5 (2016), pp. 128-131.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2016
Release Date:2017/11/20
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