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An Analysis of College Students' Consumption from the Perspective of Fromm's Consumption Alienation 从弗洛姆消费异化的视角探析大学生消费问题

  • 弗洛姆在《健全的社会》一书中提出要建立>人道主义的公有社会制<和树立>人道、健康的消费<的观点来反对不良消费。弗洛姆的消费异化理论中的异化消费现象在如今我国当代大学生中也广泛存在。大学生是特殊的消费群体,处在心理发展成熟的过渡阶段,他们没有稳定的收入却喜欢消费。和其他消费者不同,他们的消费有鲜明的自身特点。为此,本文通过分析大学生消费行为异化的表现来研究大学生消费中存在的问题,引导大学生健康科学消费,这也将有助于他们心理的健康发展,在今后为祖国作出应有的贡献。
  • In the book >Sound Society<, Fromm proposed to establish a >humanitarian public social system< and establish a >humane, healthy consumption< view against negative consumption. Fromm's consumption alienation theory and the alienation of consumer phenomenon in today's contemporary college students are also widespread. College students are special consumer groups, in a mature stage of psychological development; they do not have a stable income but like consumption. And other consumers are different; their consumption has its own characteristics. Therefore, this paper analyzes the problems existing in the consumption of college students by analyzing the performance of college students' consumption behavior alienation, and guides the healthy scientific consumption of college students. This will also contribute to their healthy development and make their due contribution to the motherland in the future. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Xuedong Zhang
Parent Title (Chinese):Business 商 No. 31 (2016), p. 128.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2016
Release Date:2017/11/20
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