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Superção. Um caminho para a realização pesoal (Psychoanalysis of overcoming the trauma), Santa Maria, Brazil (Editora Instituto de Psicanálise Humanista) 2012, 197 pp.

  • In all health sciences and education mainly in humanistic thought in psychoanalysis to reflect more deeply to know the potential of human beings to overcome the problems themselves and psychological trauma. Psychoanalysis shows the treatment monitoring of practical ability, creativity, decision-making power to be able to tackle certain types of personal and existential problems. Perhaps most psychoanalysts believe this human potential to solve problems and tackle complex situations and very difficult. Many do not have the financial resources, others do not believe in the analysis, however everyone knows the need that humans have to know themselves in their performances unconscious. Today more than ever appear increasingly to overcome challenges, some difficult to solve, as in the case of chronic or destructive. This type of experiences is not merely an illusion at all times accompany tragedies and sufferings of all kinds. But at the same time recognize that many people have succeeded by his willpower and determination to solve their problems or cure of a disease that was being disillusioned by medicine. The addition, psychoanalysis offers a theory, the treatment of these neuroses and psychosomatic illnesses. Many of these patients adolescents, adults, families, managed to prove their ability to overcome their limits affective and existential. Some managed to prepare and resolve many traumas that were preventing the experiences of his psychic potential. And somehow still in a process of personal evolution, the solution of these traumas, released creative energy able to cast him in many goals higher than the average of people in general. This same trauma could cause this patient developed an ability to utilize its potential to achieve noble goals in their personal and family life. This potential energy is unconscious able to turn a dream into reality. Because of this potential trauma unleashed creativity and determination, it is as if this suffering, this pain, this loss, reversing into a resource available to accomplish their goals. The big question of humanist psychoanalysis is: Where does this power that turns into a force capable of solving personal and social problems? I realize that this "potential" is a process of overcoming lying in novels, in movies, in the Bible, in short all focus this power to turn dreams into reality. Overcoming the trauma is not only a dream, a myth, a fantasy, an utopia, but a capability that has the power to motivate, and to modify our interpretation of certain traumas and problems we face in our lives. If we admit the existence of this "potential" processing in humans, then we should know the ways to use this energy efficiently, to respond to the challenges that life puts in our everyday life. Many hypotheses can be proposed to solve the problems of the "human" in man. But no one can deny the importance of this study in psychoanalysis to make the analysis more practical and efficient. The traumas are accompanied by fears, for it is a study of fundamental emotions, I believe that all these demands of the existence within its limitations and possibilities, may help put into practice the ethics of life, consistency comes in the form of being, acting and think.

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Author:Salézio Plácido Pereira
Document Type:Books
Year of first Publication:2012
Release Date:2014/01/28
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