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A interpretação dos sonhos (The interpretation of dreams in humanist psychoanalysis), Santa Maria, Brazil (Editora Instituto de Psicanálise Humanista) 2012, 173 pp.

  • Many people would like to know more about themselves, their qualities, abilities and potential to become more efficient as a human being. This need to understand the subjectivity of interest rises to reveal and discover the secrets that the symbols and dreams hide in essence. On the collective families, schools, businesses, realize the superficiality, lack of initiative, apathy, fears, anxiety, depression, stress, psychic this instance is the basis of productivity, to become efficient requires courage, boldness, creativity, willpower, curiosity, desire to learn, humility and sincerity, qualities and values indispensable for those who want to be efficient and achieve your dreams. Dreams have always been despised by the natural and exact sciences, and could not be otherwise, because people deal with numbers, statistics, measurement, verification, those working with dreams seek to find meaning and significance in the world of emotions and instincts. Psychoanalysis argues for the importance of the study of dreams as a language that can help awaken the potential, the condition is essential to know to live with health and vitality. Those who realize their personal analysis are in this state of discovery, looking for a way to live with joy and happiness. Dreams reveal the dialogue between emotions and existence, unconscious energy communicates through images and symbols, to explore the content and meaning can discover the hidden message that can be interpreted to the patient. Today is consensus that dreams contain important information about mental health, organic, financial and emotional. Erich Fromm wrote about myths, legends, tales, this symbolic universe is interested in balancing and integrating the driving forces of the human being. The dreams also revealed that the matrix develops disharmony and unproductive state of distress, anxiety, are also able to show the latent potential of each person. The dreams always bring creative solutions to solve the neuroses and personal difficulties. This is organismic, inspired by the forces of nature to develop courage, boldness, originality and creativity, this potential is the result of productivity that is interested in health and happiness. In this book I explain the theory of interpretation of dreams, and I believe this is a healthy way for those who want to know more deeply. By paying attention to dreams in symbols images can find the meaning of life, how to live happy and healthy, making the existence of the potential to learn to develop awareness. One of my patients reported the following dream: "A friend asked while walking if he was glad to be retired. Shortly thereafter, I was climbing a wall with a ladder and reached the top, and then went down to get to the floor, I realized I had leaned the ladder against the wrong wall." This dream portrays a life experience and shows that we are not always sure about our goals in life. This situation arises when some beliefs no longer satisfy the desires, is a kind of crisis that needs to be addressed because there is a huge energy wear. Not always the material conditions fail to account for all the emotional demands, this time we must prioritize the loving relationship with emotions. Dreams can be the bridge to integrate and balance all the drives, to become aware of the emotions can get the value and use this potential energy to your advantage.

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Author:Salézio Plácido Pereira
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Year of first Publication:2012
Release Date:2014/01/28
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