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Beneath the mask: An introduction to theories of personality (3rd ed.), New York (Holt, Rinehart and Winston Inc) 1987, 630 p.

  • This book will first acquaint them (laypersons) with the major characteristics of the creative personality and the creative process. It will then critically discuss the theoretical ideas contributed by representatives of such traditions as psychoanalysis, existentialism, and scientific behaviorism. Thus it is intended first, for the >enlightened< lay person, be he or she a practicing professional in the arts or sciences, an interested observer, or an undergraduate student seeking that elusive diploma. It is also hoped, however, that trained philosophers and/or psychologists will find it informative (although they should be forewarned that at times the discussion may seem elementary), since these theoretical writings have not, to our knowledge, been previously brought together in this manner. In short, we unabashedly seek to provide what might pass for a >textbook< on the topic. – Index: Introduction – Part I: Problems and evidence – A problematic potpourri – Democracy and creativity – The >data< of creativity – The stages of the creative process – The data of creativity I: Some characteristics of creative persons – Methods of study – Personality characteristics – The data of creativity II: Complications – Fictional characteristics – Conceptual problems – he creative process I: Preparation and incubation – cubation/frustration – The creative process II: Inspiration and beyond – Verification/hypothesis testing – Part II: Theories of personal autonomy – Existential approaches I: Basic premises and Albert Camus – Existential approaches II: Jean-Paul Sartre – Part III: Theories of antecedent causation – Supernatural/theological approaches – Psychoanalytic approaches I: Sigmund Freud – Psychoanalytic approaches II: Jung and Rank – Psychoanalytic approaches III: Miscellaneous – Ernst Kris – Silvano Arieti – Phyllis Greenacre – Alfred Adler – Naturalistic views I: The passive subject – Hereditary/evolutionary views – Environmental views – Physiological views – Part IV: Theories of deterministic freedom – Naturalistic views II: The active subject – Philosophical antecedents: Kant – Gestalt psychology – Cognitive associationism – Other cognitive environmental views – Naturalistic views III: The active subject prolonged – Developmental approaches – Psychometric approaches: J. P. Guilford – The third force I: Neoromanticism – The neo-romantic humanists – Albert Maslow: Basic postulates – Ayn Rand – The third force II: The existential humanists – Rollo May – Creativity and death – Erich FROMM – Epilogue – References – Index of names – Index of subjects. (From the introduction)

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Author:Christopher F. Monte
Document Type:Books
Year of first Publication:1987
Release Date:2014/01/28
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