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An Analysis of Holden in Cages from the Perspective of >The Sane Society< [>健全的社会<视角下解析牢笼中的霍尔顿], Master thesis, English Language and Literature, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China 2017.

  • 姆•大卫•塞林格于1951年出版《麦田里的守望者》,一举成名,被誉为>当代风格独特的文学天才>;与此同时,该书被美国文学界公认为美国文学中的>现代经典<之一。该小说以二战后的美国为时代背景,当时美国物质生活极大丰富,人民的精神生活却是一片荒原,纸醉金迷的社会特征致使主人公霍尔顿对这虚伪的社会深恶痛疾。人本主义精神分析代表人物艾里希•弗洛姆融合了马克思的人本学说和弗洛伊德精神分析理论,提出社会像人一样,有性格特征并且会生病。人有病态的性格存在,社会也有病态的、不健全的性格存在。在虚伪世界和精神荒原并存的社会中,不健全的社会性格不仅导致>垮掉的一代<成了美国50年代的代名词,也成为《麦田里的守望者》中霍尔顿的牢笼,导致了霍尔顿精神世界的压抑、孤独和焦虑。为保持精神健全,霍尔顿必须挣脱这牢笼。本文基于弗洛姆的社会性格和关联需求理论,解析霍尔顿深陷于不健全社会性格的牢笼并踏上挣脱牢笼的三天情感关联旅程。全文共分五章:引言介绍了作者塞林格和小说《麦田里的守望者》,并且综述了小说的国内外研究现状;第二章概述艾里希•弗洛姆的>健全的社会性格<和>爱的关联<理论;第三章从盈利的社会、虚伪的世界和异化的人性三方面入手,详细探讨霍尔顿深陷于不健全社会性格的牢笼里;第四章从母爱、性爱和友爱三方面,着重探讨霍尔顿挣脱了不健全社会性格的牢笼;第五章得出结论,霍尔顿在虚伪腐化的世界里,通过与妹妹菲比建立爱的联系,感悟到他心中驻留已久的童真和快乐,最终冲破不健全社会性格的牢笼,不仅改变了自身孤独困苦的精神状态,也改变了看待世界的方式。并由小说世界推至现实社会,鼓励人们在当下社会中用友爱的方式去塑造健全的社会性格,用爱去关联这个社会。
  • In 1951, >The Catcher in the Rye<, was published in North America, and its author J. D. Salinger became famous overnight and was hailed as the unique contemporary literary genius. At the same time, this novel was regarded as one of the modern canons by American literature. The background of this novel was the United States which had already become a powerfully political, economic and military country after the Second World War. Even though people at that moment enjoyed a rich material life, they suffered from spiritual wasteland to a large degree. The luxury and dissipation life made the protagonist Holden detest the phony world. Erich Fromm, a famous representative of the Humanistic Psychoanalysis, combined Marxist Humanistic Theory and Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory, and announced that a society could have a character and be sick just like a human being. Thus, men could have neuroses and insane character, and a society could have social neurosis and the insane social character as well. The coexistence of the spiritual wasteland and the phony world made the generation in the fifties be labeled as the Beat Generation, and also became cages for Holden Caulfield in >The Catcher in the Rye<. These cages made Holden feel repressed, lonely and anxious. Therefore, to maintain his sane character, Holden must break cages which were caused by the insane social character. Hence, on the basis of the theory of the Social Character and Relatedness with Love, the dissertation aims to analyze Holden’s struggling in cages of the insane social character and breaking cages with love through his three-day wandering in New York. This dissertation contains five chapters. The introduction is about J. D. Salinger’s, >The Catcher in the Rye<, and literature review on this novel. The second chapter introduces Erich Fromm’s theory of the social character and the relatedness with love, and the third chapter aims to analyze Holden’s struggling in cages of the insane society from three aspects – the acquisitive society, the phony world and the alienated interpersonal relationship. The fourth chapter analyzes the explicit way of Holden’s breaking cages of the insane society from three aspects in sequence – motherly love, erotic love, and brotherly love. The fifth chapter draws a conclusion that Holden broke cages of the insane social character by establishing the union with his sister Phoebe in this phony world and feeling innocence and love which resided in his heart long time ago. Holden not only changed his depressed mental state, but also changed the way to look at the world. From the novel to the reality, this paper also encourages people to establish the sane social character by brotherly love and to relate this society through love. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Mengjuan Zhu
Document Type:Dissertations
Year of first Publication:2017
Release Date:2019/03/04
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