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Loneliness in >The Sea, the Sea< [《大海啊,大海》中的孤独], Master thesis, English Language and Literature, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China 2017 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 本文借助罗伯特•韦斯和本•米尤什科维奇关于孤独的理论,以及埃里希•弗罗姆对孤独这一普世情感的应对机制理论,探讨艾丽斯•默多克作品《大海啊,大海》中主人公查尔斯的孤独。本文共分为四章。第一章包括本书和作者的简介、文献综述以及本文理论框架。第二章着眼于孤独的表现和原因,主要分为社会和情感两个层面。此章分析将分别从查尔斯的童年、老年以及孤独的群体三个角度进行。第三章研究查尔斯如何应对孤独,主要分析施虐与受虐倾向。此外二、三两章还将涉及艾丽斯•默多克本人对孤独的态度。第四章为全文总结。孤独既是一种普世情感,也是人类注定的生存状态。如果深陷于孤独,人会变得绝望。学会和孤独和谐相处将是成长的必经之路。而尊重和关注他人是应对孤独并与孤独和谐共生的绝佳方式。
  • Applying Robert Weiss and Ben Lazare Mijuskovic’s theory of loneliness as well as Erich Fromm’s theory of defense mechanism against this universal human feeling, this thesis forms an attempt to discuss the loneliness of the protagonist Charles Arrowby in Iris Murdoch’s novel >The Sea, the Sea<. The Thesis is divided into four chapters. Chapter One provides a brief introduction to the novel and the author, literature review and the theoretical framework of the thesis. Chapter Two focuses on the representations and causes of loneliness, which chiefly includes social and emotional aspects. Charles’ childhood, his agedness and the lonely crowd are analyzed at length respectively. Chapter Three analyzes Charles’ coping with his loneliness, which is sadism and masochism. Iris Murdoch’s attitudes towards loneliness will also be touched upon in these chapters. Chapter Four is conclusion. Loneliness is both a universal feeling and a predestined human condition. Overwhelmed by it, people act desperately; co-living with it peacefully is a required course for growing up. As for how to subdue it and to live with it in harmony, respecting and giving attention to others is a recommended way. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Jinsui Zhou
Document Type:Dissertations
Year of first Publication:2017
Release Date:2019/03/04
Format:no download and copy possible
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