On Fromm’s Theory of Consumer Alienation [论弗洛姆的消费异化理论], Master thesis, Marxist Philosophy, Yunnan University, Kunming, Yunnan, China 2013.

  • 弗洛姆认为,现代资本主义社会已经由>生产时代<发展到>消费时代<,异化也由原来的>劳动异化<深化为>消费异化<。>消费异化<是现代资本主义特有的产物,它的产生有深刻的社会根源和人性的根源。处在消费异化中的人变成了一台贪婪的消费机器。他们是商品,没有思想和情感,没有尊严和人格,也没有民主和自由。他们生活在资本主义社会编织的一个又一个谎言中,屈于匿名的权威而不自知,还以为自己是独立、有个性、有自由的幸福的人。此外,消费异化还给现代人带来了严重的毁灭性的生存危机。弗洛姆为人的这种消费异化境遇感到非常担忧。为了人类的生存和人类的真正幸福,他对消费异化的种种表现进行深刻揭示,并力图寻找一条扬弃消费异化阳光大道,建立一个健全社会。他认为,要实现这个目标就必须从经济、政治、文化及人的心理层面几个方面进行全面地改革。为此,他从这几个方面提出了一套扬弃异化的方案。弗洛姆对资本主义社会的异化现象的分析是很深刻和细致的,象一把利刃直入资本主义社会的心脏。他的理论不仅为社会心理和社会性格的分析给理论研究提供一个独特的视角,也为我们如何建立一个和谐的社会提供有益的启示,贡献是显著的。
  • Fromm believes that the modern capitalist society has developed from the >production era< to the >consumption era<, and the alienation has also been deepened from the original >labor alienation< to >consumption alienation.< >Consumption alienation< is a unique product of modern capitalism. It has profound social roots and roots of human nature. The person in the alienation of consumption has become a greedy consumer machine. They are commodities, have no thoughts and feelings, no dignity and personality, and no democracy or freedom. They live in one lie that is woven by the capitalist society, and they succumb to the authority of anonymity without knowing it. They also think that they are independent, individualized, free and happy people. In addition, consumption alienation has brought a serious and devastating crisis of survival to modern people. Fromm is very worried about this kind of consumption alienation situation. For the survival of mankind and the true happiness of mankind, he profoundly revealed the various manifestations of consumption alienation, and tried to find a way to abandon the alienation of consumption and establish a sound society. He believes that to achieve this goal, it must be comprehensively reformed from the economic, political, cultural and human psychological aspects. To this end, he proposed a set of plans to abandon alienation from these aspects. Fromm's analysis of the alienation of capitalist society is profound and meticulous, like a sharp edge into the heart of capitalist society. His theory not only provides a unique perspective for theoretical research for the analysis of social psychology and social character, but also provides useful inspiration for how to build a harmonious society. The contribution is remarkable. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Min Zhu
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