The Theoretical Analysis of Chinese Netizens Social Character in the Context of the >Common Scene Prison< [>共景监狱<场域中网民>社会性格<辨析]

  • 法国哲学家米歇尔•福柯认为,>全景监狱<是信息社会的社会控制机器,社会管理者通过信息不对称的方式来实现低成本、高效率的社会治理。然而,随着传播技术的日新月异和媒介形态的层出不穷,信息资源分配方式的不断变革催生了以>围观<结构为主要特征的新型社会结构——>共景监狱<,它是众人对个体展开的集体>凝视和控制<。在互联网时代,网民是>共景监狱<场域中规范化监视的主体,他们在数量增长、信息消费、议程设置三大层面展现了自身>凝视与控制<社会的力量。本文基于>共景监狱<的场域特征,结合弗洛姆>社会性格<的相关理论,发现网民的>话语实践<在网络匿名机制的作用下既得到了极大释放,又增加了非理性的因素。因此在>话语实践<过程中,网民往往呈现出非理性狂欢、情绪燃点低、自我意识弱等社会性格的基本特征。
  • French philosopher Michel Foucault believes that >panoramic prison< is the social control machine of the information society, and social managers realize low-cost and high-efficiency social governance through information asymmetry. However, with the rapid development of communication technology and the emergence of media forms, the constant change of the way information resources are distributed has spawned a new social structure with the >onlookers< structure as the main feature - >Common Prison<, which is developed by everyone. Collective >gaze and control.< In the Internet age, netizens are the main body of standardized surveillance in the >Common Prison< field. They show their power of >gaze and control< in the three levels of quantity growth, information consumption and agenda setting. Based on the field characteristics of >Common Prison< and the related theories of Fromm's >social character<, this paper finds that the >discourse practice< of netizens has been greatly released under the role of network anonymity mechanism, and it has increased irrationality. factor. Therefore, in the process of >discourse practice<, netizens tend to present the basic characteristics of social character such as irrational carnival, low emotional ignition, and weak self-awareness. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Fangna Zhong
Parent Title (Chinese):Journal of the Postgraduate of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law [中南财经政法大学研究生学报], No. 2 (2015), pp. 108-114.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2015
Release Date:2020/11/03
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