A Deeper Analysis of Present Students’ Psychological Disorder [当前我国大学生心理困惑的深层剖析]

  • 当前我国大学生心理问题突出,普遍存在自我意象模糊、情感障碍和行为障碍等心理困惑。本章从心理学视角就人的本质、需要、文化冲突、教育冲突和个体社会化几方面,对大学生心理困惑进行深层剖析。认为,当代大学生在人的本质、需要方面是弗洛姆、阿德勒的追随者,在文化冲突中,他们选择多元文化和先进制度;在传统与>柔性<教育中他们实践后者;他们的人生哲学大致经历:被动中的自我——以我为中心的自我——社会化中的自我。
  • At present, the psychological problems of college students in China are outstanding, and there are psychological confusions such as self-image blur, affective disorder and behavior disorder. This chapter makes a deep analysis of the psychological confusion of college students from the perspective of psychology on human nature, needs, cultural conflicts, educational conflicts and individual socialization. It is believed that contemporary college students are followers of Fromm and Adler in terms of human nature and needs. In cultural conflicts, they choose multiculturalism and advanced institutions; in the traditional and >flexible< education they practice the latter; they The philosophy of life is roughly experienced: the self in the passive - the self centered on me - the self in socialization. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Lixing Zhang
Parent Title (Chinese):Journal of Neijiang Teachers College [内江师范学院学报], No. 3 (2003), pp. 71-75.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2013
Release Date:2020/11/03
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