Education, Let Each Life Bloom Colorful Colors – My Education Story [教育,让每一个生命绽放缤纷的色彩—我的教育故事],

  • 前苏联教育家、现代教师的启蒙者苏霍姆林斯基说过:>教育技巧的全部奥秘在于如何爱学生<。弗洛姆在《爱的艺术》中说:>‘爱’是给予,给予内心有生命的东西<,>同别人分享他的快乐、兴趣、知识、幽默和悲伤<。通过给予、体验自己的力量,感受到自己生气勃勃,体会到自我价值的实现,因而充满欢喜、满足。而我理解的>爱<则是教育活动中让每一个生命个体感受到最大的包容、自由和释放的愉悦。爱是信任,爱是尊重,爱是欣赏,爱是包容,爱更是责任。
  • >The positive mystery of educational skills lies in how to love students, < said Sukhomlynski, the enlightener of the former Soviet educator and modern teacher. Fromm said in >The Art of Loving<: >‘Love' is giving, giving life to life<, >Share his happiness, interest, knowledge, humor and sadness with others.< By giving and experiencing your own strength, you feel your own freshness and realize the realization of self-worth, which is full of joy and satisfaction. And the >love< that I understand is the pleasure of letting every living individual feel the greatest tolerance, freedom and release in educational activities. Love is trust, love is respect, love is appreciation, love is tolerance, and love is responsibility. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Xiaochun Yuan
Parent Title (Chinese):Scientific Consulting (Educational Research) [科学咨询(教育科研)], No. 12 (2018), p. 32.
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