A Study of Alienation in Ian McEwan’s >Saturday< [对伊恩•麦克尤恩《星期六》异化主题思想的探究]

  • 麦克尤恩被普遍认为是当今英国文学领域最优秀的小说家和剧作家之一。作为一个多产的作家,《星期六》只是他的杰作之一。自2005年发表以来备受评论界的关注和研究,研究的角度也各不相同。他们大都研究小说中的主人公心理、伦理道德、社会政治危机及创伤主题,同时也有从叙事技巧对其进行研究的,主要包括空间叙事、时间及自由叙事等。本论文作者发现异化也是《星期六》的一个重要主题,很值得深入系统地进行研究。因此,本论文主要运用埃里希•弗洛姆的异化理论来探究麦克尤恩《星期六》所表现的这一主题,希望本研究对该经典作品的解读提供一个新视角,拓展对该小说和作家的研究。本论文将借助埃里希•弗洛姆的异化理论研究分析《星期六》这部小说,主要从社会异化、人与人关系异化、人的自我异化三个方面分别进行阐释。通过以上详细分析,文章最后得出结论,《星期六》这部小说充分表现了现代社会和现代人异化这一深刻主题。它体现了麦克尤恩对和谐社会、友好人际关系、健康人性的企盼以及对人类社会的终极关怀。
  • Ian McEwan is widely regarded as one of the outstanding novelists and playwrights in the world of the English literature. He is also a prolific writer, and >Saturday< is only one of his masterpieces. It has been frequently studied by literary critics from multiple perspectives since its publication in 2005. Most of them have made thematic studies of the novel such as the psychology of the main characters, ethics and morality, socio-political issues and trauma. Others have done researches in its narrative techniques which mainly include spatial narrative, free narrative and chronological narrative. The author of this thesis demonstrates that alienation is also an important theme of Saturday, which deserves an intensive research. So this thesis intends to make such an attempt with the application of Erich Fromm’s theory of alienation. It is hoped that this study will contribute to a better interpretation of the writer and the novel, and extend the research in both of them. The thesis endeavors to place Saturday under a close examination with the help of Erich Fromm’s theory of alienation. It will be conducted in three aspects: a thorough analysis of the alienated society, the alienated interpersonal relationship and the alienated self reflected in the novel. By means of these analyses the thesis finally draws the conclusion that Saturday, in a large sense, expresses the theme of alienation of modern society and people. Through it Ian McEwan expresses his hope for a harmonious society with friendly human relationship and man’s benign humanity, and ulti¬mately his deep concern for human future. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Xinghua Zhao
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Release Date:2019/03/04
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