Reflections on the >Sound Society< – From Fromm’s Alienated Society to Perfect Society [从异化社会通向健全社会的思考—弗洛姆《健全的社会》评析]

  • 在《逃避自由》一书中,弗洛姆分析了人类逃避自由的社会心理机制形成的原因之后,他又进一步在《健全的社会》一书中根据异化概念分析了这种逃避行为的具体社会原因。在《健全的社会》一书中,弗洛姆就现代社会人类的异化现象分析了现代人的精神状况是否健全,并详细阐述了满足人类健全精神的基本需要和建设健全社会的总体性构想。通过对弗洛姆《健全的社会》中对资本主义社会批判理论和建设健全社会思想的分析,可以使我们进一步认识资本主义社会的异化现象,并找到从异化社会通向健全社会的具体途径。
  • In the book >Escape from Freedom<, Fromm analyzes the reasons for the formation of the social mechanism of freedom of mankind, he further analyzes the concept of alienation in the book >Sound Society< The specific social causes of evasion. In the book >Sound Society<, Fromm's analysis of the alienation of human beings in modern society is a reflection of the perfection of the mental state of modern people, and elaborated on the basic needs of human health and the overall concept of building a sound society. By analyzing the critical theory of capitalist society and building a sound social thought in Fromm's >sound society<, we can further understand the alienation of capitalist society and find a concrete way from an alienated society to a sound society. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Qiumeng Zhao
Parent Title (Chinese):Theory Research [学理论], No. 7 (2017), pp. 107-108.
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Year of first Publication:2017
Release Date:2019/03/04
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