Research on Fromm’s Freedom Thought in the View of Marxism [马克思主义视域下的弗洛姆自由思想研究], Master thesis, Philosophy, Xinjiang University, Urumqi, Xinjiang, China 2018.

  • 弗洛姆作为人道主义哲学家, 人的问题贯穿其思想的始终。自由理论作为其理论的核心具有丰富的内涵。区别于传统的自由思想, 弗洛姆认为传统的自由观因为缺乏人的心理分析而不得不使用笼统且抽象的语言来解释自由问题, 难以认识到自由的本质, 因此, 他主张从心理学和哲学两个方面来阐述自由的概念。弗洛姆传承弗洛伊德的精神分析学理论, 把心理学的分析引入到其自由思想当中, 构成了其独具特色的心理学视角的自由思想。弗洛姆心理学的独特视角为自由思想的研究打开了新的窗口, 让人们能在微观层面一窥自由的奥妙。但弗洛姆自由思想本身也存在着抽象人本主义的自由观, 片面夸大自由主体的心理作用, 自由实现路径的空想等不容忽视的问题。马克思的实践自由观正是克服弗洛姆自由局限性的利器。在马克思看来, 自由问题在本质上可以归结为实践的问题, 自由在实践中产生、完善和发展。弗洛姆自由思想局限性产生的原因离不开其对于实践的背离, 没有完全认识到实践的主体是现实的个人, 个人的心理也只是实践中发展的产物等。因此, 本文试图通过马克思的实践自由观对弗洛姆自由思想的局限性进行尝试性的克服, 以马克思实践的现实的主体取代弗洛姆抽象的自由主体, 以共产主义社会取代弗洛姆健全社会的空想。
  • Fromm as a humanitarian philosopher, the problem of the person runs through his thoughts. Freedom theory has rich connotations as the core of its theory. Different from the traditional free thinking, Fromm believes that the traditional view of liberty has to use general and abstract language to explain the issue of freedom because of lack of human psychological analysis. It is difficult to recognize the essence of liberty. Therefore, he advocates from the perspective of psychology and Two aspects of philosophy explain the concept of freedom. Fromm inherits Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, introduces the analysis of psychology into his free thought, and constitutes his unique free psychology perspective. The unique perspective of Fromm’s psychology opens a new window for the study of liberal thoughts, allowing people to have a glimpse of the mysteries of freedom at the micro level. However, Fromm’s free thought itself also has the concept of freedom of abstract humanism, one-sided exaggeration of the psychological role of the free subject, and the free-realization of the path of fantasy, which cannot be ignored. Marx’s concept of practical freedom is a weapon that overcomes the limitations of Fromm’s freedom. In Marx’s view, the problem of freedom can be attributed to the problem of practice. Freedom is produced, perfected and developed in practice. The reason for the limitation of Fromm’s thought of freedom is inseparable from its deviation from practice. It is not fully realized that the subject of practice is a real individual, and the individual’s psychology is only the product of development in practice. Therefore, this paper attempts to overcome the limitations of Fromm’s free thought through Marx’s concept of practical freedom, replace the free subject of Fromm’s abstract with the practical subject of Marx’s practice, and replace the Fromm perfection with a communist society. The dream of society. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Feng Zhao
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