A Call for Sane Personality – The Psychoanalysis of Virginia Woolf's >Years< [对健全人格的呼唤 - 弗吉尼亚•伍尔夫《岁月》的社会心理学解读], Master thesis, English Language and Literature, Inner Mongolia University, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China 2015 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 弗吉尼亚•伍尔夫是20世纪英国最杰出的现代主义作家之一。作为1937年美国畅销书,《岁月》是她集中反映英国社会生活的一部小说。它颠覆作家以往意识流小说的创作手法,将>事实<与>想象<相结合,以家庭成员对话和人物内心独白折射社会现实,是作家创作的新尝试,然而评论家对此却褒贬不一本论文将运用人本主义精神分析学家埃里希•弗洛姆的社会心理学揭露《岁月》中西方资本主义社会经济制度下人格异化现象以及消极的社会性格,从而挖掘作家伍尔夫对现代人人格发展的担忧,及她对健全人格的呼唤。《岁月》的章节由十一个不同年份组成。据此,作者分析了小说中英国从十九世纪八十年代到二十世纪三十年代的社会背景和社会变化,同时结合弗洛姆对十九、二十世纪资本主义社会的比较型诊断,说明资本主义社会在物质文明进步的同时所产生的精神倒退,揭露以市场为中心的社会经济体制阻碍人格发展的事实与进程。伍尔夫的对比手法则反映出由此产生的人、自然和社会关系不和谐现象。在此基础上,作者运用弗洛姆的>异化<概念剖析人物自我感缺失及人与同胞疏离的异化现象,从而揭露小说中无助与压抑、冷漠与伪善的消极社会性格。重塑健全人格至关重要。主人公通过培养自我感和创造性逐渐实现反异化的自我救赎,通过爱与交流缓解人与人之间的疏离。而小说中人物对大自然的热爱,自然成为人类心灵的庇护,则有力证明了人类亲近自然促进健全人格的发展。所以,作家伍尔夫在《岁月》中呼唤健全的人格。因为在现代社会市场主导一切的经济体制下,异化现象已相当普遍。异化对健全社会和健全人格都有损害与阻碍作用。重塑健全人格对现代人已迫在眉睫。
  • Virginia Woolf is one of the most distinguished British modernist writers in the twentieth century. >The Years<, as the 1937 bestseller in the United States, is her novel that focuses on the British social life. Its writing techniques differ from her previous stream-of-consciousness novels. Woolf combined >facts< and >vision<, mirroring the social reality through dialogues and interior monologues of the Pargiter family members. It is an innovation of Woolf’s creation, but critics have not yet reached an agreement on it. Based on the humanistic psychoanalyst Erich Fromm’s socio-psychology, the thesis is an exposure of the phenomenon of alienated personality and negative social characters under Western capitalist social and economic system. It explores Woolf’s concern with the personality development of modern people and her call for sane personality. The Years cover eleven different years. Accordingly, the author of the present study analyzes social backgrounds and changes of Britain from 1880s to 1930s with Fromm’s comparative diagnosis of the nineteenth and twentieth century. It suggests the spiritual retrogression of capitalist society despite the material civilization and uncovers how social and economic system of market-orientation hindered the personality development. Woolf’s technique of contrast is to expose the disharmonious relationship between human, nature and society caused by capitalist system. Fromm’s concept of >alienation< is used to analyze the alienation phenomenon including protagonists’ lack of a sense of self and estrangement between people. Negative social characters, such as powerlessness and repression, indifference and insincerity are exposed. The restoration of sane humanity is of vital importance. Protagonists realize self-salvation against alienation through cultivation of a sense of self and productiveness, and they relieve estrangement between them by love and communication. Their love for nature and nature as a shelter for human soul suggested that intimacy between human and nature is able to promote the development of the sane personality. Therefore, Woolf’s call for sane personality in The Years can be recognized. Since alienation is widespread in modern society under the economic system of market-orientation, it is impairment and hindrance to a sane society, as well as a sane personality. It is vital and urgent to restore a sane personality for modern people.] [Author’s translation]

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Author:Xin Zhang
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