Consumption Alienation: Dual Thinking of Theory and Reality [消费异化:理论和现实的双重思考], Master thesis, Marxist Philosophy, China Youth Political Institute, Beijing, China 2017.

  • 自古以来,消费就一直存在于社会市场的经济运营中,并始终占据着重要的地位。从一方面来看,消费促进了生产力的发展,加速了消费商品的生产与销售,对人类社会的进步起到了重要的作用;但从另一个方面来看它却又给人们带来了不可避免的负面影响。例如,随着生活水平的提高,人们的消费行为出现了一些不正常现象,其中无节制地吃喝玩乐、攀比奢侈消费之风的蔓延都是典型表现。这种消费异化现象的出现不仅阻碍了人的自由全面发展,而且还不利于国家、世界的稳定发展。本文从马克思的异化思想及劳动异化入手,以马克思主义的基本理论为依据,对消费异化从理论和现实两方面进行分析,且在鲍德里亚、马尔库塞、弗洛姆和生态马克思主义学者等人所提出的消费异化理论基础上进行了认真的整理和总结,并希望可以通过一系列的分析和讨论能够让人们走出消费异化误区,感受生活的本真,追求生命的本身。文章以概括、梳理了异化消费现状分析为核心,共分四个部分。第一部分是绪论,主要介绍了本文选题的背景和意义、以往研究成果、消费异化含义、国内外研究现状综述等。第二部分则从马克思和西方马克思主义学者两个角度阐释了>消费异化<的理论渊源。第三部分则介绍了>消费异化<的现状和表现以及消费异化产生的内外根源,与此同时文章还着重从消费文化、消费主体、价值取向这三个方面对消费异化现象进行了有力的批判。第四部分主要从坚持适度理性消费、弘扬绿色生态消费、提倡个人精神文明消费、重塑健康消费文化四个方面入手,对消费异化这一问题展开对策性分析,并提出笔者观点:消费异化的祛除需要我们社会中每个人的共同努力,而当我们全社会消费者广泛投入,携手共进,利用一切方法和途径去充盈我们的精神需要、丰富我们的精神生活的时候,那么我们消除消费异化必将指日可待!
  • Since ancient times, consumption has been in the social market economic operation, and always occupies a prominent position. On the one hand, consumption has promoted the development of productive forces, accelerated the production and sale of consumer goods, played an important role in the progress of human society; but from another point of view it has brought people to the inevitable For example, with the improvement of living standards, people’s consumption behavior has some abnormal phenomenon, unrestrained eating and drinking, comparisons of luxury consumption of the spread of the wind is one of the typical performance. The emergence of this phenomenon of consumption alienation not only hindered the free and comprehensive development of people, but also detrimental to the stable development of the country and the world. In this paper, Author makes a comprehensive analysis of consumption alienation based on the philosophical thinking of >consumption alienation< from the Marxist alienation and the alienation of labor, and in Baudrillard, Marcuse. On the basis of the theory of consumption alienation proposed by the scholars such as Fromm and Ecology Marxists, it is hoped that a series of analysis and discussion can make people out of the alienation of consumption and feel the truth of life, the pursuit of life itself. The article is divided into four parts, The first part, the introduction. This paper mainly introduces the background and significance of this topic, the previous research results, the meaning of consumption alienation, and the current research status at home and abroad. The second part, the origin of the theory of >consumption alienation<. This part mainly deals with the related expositions of Marx and Western Marxist scholars on consumption alienation. In the third part, the author introduces the present situation of consumption alienation, the material and spirit of consumption alienation, the expression of four aspects of luxury and sports, the internal and external analysis of consumption alienation, the consumption culture, consumption subject, value orientation of the three aspects of the phenomenon of criticism. The fourth part, mainly to eliminate the phenomenon of consumption alienation countermeasures, that is adhere to moderate rational consumption, promote green ecological consumption, promote personal spiritual civilization consumption, reshape the healthy consumption of four aspects of culture analysis, and pointed out that the dissipation of consumption needs us Everyone in the community’s joint efforts, only our whole society consumers are widely engaged, hand in hand, use all methods and ways to fill our spiritual needs, enrich our spiritual life, then we eliminate consumption alienation will be just around the corner! [Author’s translation]

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Author:Shuai Zhang
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