On Fromm's Sound Social Theory [论弗洛姆的健全社会理论]

  • 弗洛姆健全社会理论的哲学基础和核心是以人的心理精神分析为特色的人性论,他通过分析社会中人病态的精神状况,得出西方社会是不健全社会的结论,并从经济、政治、文化三个方面对健全社会的实现提出改革的建议:经济上进行>人道主义经营管理<、政治上发挥民主制度、文化上提高人民的道德情操,最终的目的是要实现一种人性完善、个人自由、充满理性和爱的>健全社会<。文章的第一部分主要从时代背景和理论来源入手,梳理并总结出弗洛姆健全社会思想形成的源头。第二章重点阐述了弗洛姆健全社会思想理论的构思过程。弗洛姆认为健全社会的最初模型应该是人道主义社会的雏形,他通过对社会不健全现象的批判最终提出通往健全之路的改革建议。第三部分是对弗洛姆健全社会整体思想进行的评价。合理性表现在,弗洛姆揭示了西方社会存在的问题,将人性>理论<进行了详细的研究,同时拓展了我们对西方现代资本主义社会的观察视角;局限性则体现在,弗罗姆最终没能脱离其抽象的人性本质,他的人道主义社会观只是对西方社会进行的表面探索,未能找到资本主义制度存在的根本问题。因此,他的社会改革方案带有着理想主义的色彩。
  • The philosophical foundation and core of Fromm’s sane social theory is the theory of human nature, which is based on the analysis of human spirit, he analyzes the human society morbid psychiatric conditions, it is concluded that the western society is not perfect social results, and from the three aspects of economy, politics and culture, the reform proposals are put forward: >humanitarian management< in economy, political democracy and cultural play improve people’s moral sentiments. The ultimate goal is to achieve a perfect human nature, individual freedom, sane social rationality with full of love.– The first part of the article starts with the background of the times and the source of the theory, combs and summarizes the source of Fromm’s sound social thought.– The second chapter focuses on the conception of Fromm’s theory of social thought. Fromm believes that the original model of a sound society should be the prototype of the humanitarian society, he finally put forward the reform proposals to improve the road through the criticism of the phenomenon of imperfect society.– The third part is the evaluation of Fromm’s thought of perfecting the whole society. The rationality in western society, Fromm reveals the existing problems, the theory of human nature is studied in detail, and expand our understanding of modern western capitalist society perspective; limitation is reflected in the nature, Fromm ultimately did not deviate from the abstract theory of human nature,his humanitarian society only surface of Western society the study failed to find the fundamental problems existing in the system of capitalism. Therefore, his social reform program is with idealistic color. [Author’s translation]

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