A DT-Interpretation of Marx’s and Fromm’s Alienation Theories DT时代下马克思与弗洛姆异化理论的再解读

  • 马克思的异化劳动理论见于马克思在其著作《1844年经济学哲学手稿》中提出的一个非常重要的理论,在马克思思想发展历程中占有特殊地位,是马克思思想走向成熟途中的一级重要阶梯。弗洛姆的异化理论来源于弗洛伊德的精神分析学和马克思的劳动异化论,认为异化是一种心理体验,人类的历史就是人不断发展同时不断异化的历史,异化表现在社会生活的各个领域,而异化产生于人类生存的两歧,只有通过心理革命和社会革命才能消除。不论是马克思还是弗洛姆阐发异化理论的最终目的都是想要解决异化的社会与异化的个体,让人全面发展。进入DT时代,也就是数据时代,一个新时代应当对彼时代的经典理论做出调适。
  • Marx's theory of alienated labor is found in a very important theory put forward by Marx in his book >Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844<, which occupies a special position in the course of the development of Marx's thought, which is one of the ways of Marx's thought level important steps. Fromm's theory of alienation is derived from Freud's psychoanalysis and Marx's theory of labor alienation. It is a kind of psychological experience that human history is the history of people's continuous development and alienation. Each field and alienation arising from the human survival of the two differences, only through the psychological revolution and social revolution can be eliminated. Whether Marx or Fromm elucidation of alienation theory is the ultimate goal is to solve the alienated society and alienation of the individual, people all-round development. Into the DT-era, that is, the data technology age, a new era should be on the era of the classic theory to make adjustments. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Shuming Zhang
Parent Title (Chinese):Study and Practice in Tongren 知行铜仁, No. 5 (2016), pp. 69-73.
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Year of first Publication:2016
Release Date:2017/11/20
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