What do I have to consider in form of layout when writing the text?

The formal layout of the document strongly depends on the program which is used for writing the text and also depends on the personal aesthetical preferences of the author. There is only an incomplete offering of tutorials on this task due to the resulting complexity when combining these parameters.

The University of Freiburg has made a tutorial for electronic publishing available online which was especially designed for windows-users.

  • Microsoft Word
    The informationsystem DissOnline is involved with supporting authors with the organisation of their work. It offers a form template made possible by the Humboldt-University of Berlin for different versions of Microsoft Word which enable an easy subsequent conversion to SGML/XML.

  • LaTeX
    Important tips for publishing electronically with TeX or LaTeX which is especially suitable for creating mathematical scientific documents can be found in the following tutorial:
    Effective Scientific Electronic Publishing von Markus G. Kuhn, University of Cambridge