Which technical requirements must my documents fulfill?

Accepted dataformats

Your document must be a scientific document which can be read with a standard document reader. The size should be “as small as possible”. The name of the file should be chosen as simple as possible (for example “diss.pdf”) without any special characters or blank spaces. The name of the file will also be visible online. The following datatypes are currently supported by the document server:

  • PDF - optimal PDF-A- (for textdocuments)
  • doc(x) (for textdocuments)
  • xls(x) (for datatables)
  • JPG, TIFF, GIF (for figures)
  • MP3, WAV (for audiodata)
  • MPEG, AVI (for videodata)

No DRM-restrictions

The document may not have any kind of restrictions against copying or accessing. This is a requirement of the german national library to ensure the long term digital preservation of the document.

Restrictions in file size when uploading

The system will only accept file with a size of up to 100 MB. If you would like to upload even larger files please skip the uploading process when filling out the publication forms and deliver your document via CD/DVD or USB-stick to the library.