How does the publishing process work?

Click on publish when your at the frontpage.

You must then choose the document type you would like to publish from a drop-down list. You can upload your file in the next step right below. Please read the guidelines and accept them by setting the checkmark in the box. Then please print the publication contract.

Continue to the next step. What follows now is the actual form where you fill out the data about your publication (metadata) which is used to describe your work in catalogues and other bibliographic directories. Describe the document you want to upload using the categories and fields on the publication form. Depending on the document type, some of these fields are mandatory and therefore have to be filled in. Please describe your document as clear as possible.

For example some fields needed are:

  • the document type (must be chosen from a list)
  • the title of your publication and the language of the title
  • the abstract of the document
  • the publication date of your document (normally the day you publish it online)
  • describing tags from the controlled vocabulary
  • the license, under which you want to publish your document (must be chosen from a list)
  • the language of the document (must be chosen from a list)

At the end of filling out the forms you are shown the given information and now gave three possibilities: you can abort the process, correct the given information or directly save the data.