What kind of document types are available?

  • Workingpaper
    The document type workingpaper refers to a preliminary technical or scientific paper from an institution or a series (also called: work paper, research paper, discussion paper).
  • Bachelorthesis
    The document type bachelor thesis describes the lowest step of a degree thesis (usually written after 3 years of studying).
  • Contributions to a conference
    This type is for all sorts of contributions to a conference such as conference papers, conference presentations, articles in conference proceedings, abtracts, conference volumes, conference posters.
  • Contribution to a journal
    The document type contribution to a journal (article) refers to documents which are published in a peer reviewed scientific journal or periodical such as an article, leading article, editorial, summary (which are also known as postprints).
  • Report
    The document type report describes textual material which cannot be assigned otherwise for example reports, external research reports, notes, statistical reports, project completion reports, technical documentations and instructions.
  • Image
    This type is for all sorts of nontextual and visual media for example drawings, sketches, paintings, prints, other pictures, diagrams, maps or music notes. The document type can be used for digital and physical Objects alike.
  • Book
    The document type book refers to typical monographic works.
  • Bookpart (section, part)
    The document type bookpart describes small parts of a monographic work such as single sections or contributions in collective works.
  • Dissertation
    This type is for all doctoral theses or all degree theses’s of same or higher quality not following the Bologna-Convention.
    Habilitations are also included.
  • Film
    The document type film refers to all media with series of images depicting movement when played sequentially. Examples are animations, movies, TV-shows, videos or the visual representation of a simulation.
  • Habilitation
    For the definition of the document type habilitation please see the entry for dissertation.
  • Teaching material
    The document type teaching material describes aspects of material for teaching and training in the broadest sense such as recorded lectures as sound or film, training courses, preparation or audit material. For lecture material please see the entry lecture.
  • Master’s thesis, diplomathesis, accreditation work
    This type is for all kinds of middle class degree theses.
  • Preprint
    The document type preprint refers to preliminary technical or scientific papers which are not part of a series from a scientific institution but are meant to be published in a scientific journal or book.
  • Review
    The document type review describes reviews of books and articles or summaries of works which were not published by the author himself.
  • Sound
    This type is for all kinds of sounds which are meant to be listened to for example music files, audio CDs, speech and sound recordings. Sounds, music or noise are not distinguished.
  • Complete issue of a journal
    The document type complete issue of a journal refers to the typical printed journal in the classic sense.
  • Lecture
    The document type lecture describes speeches at the universtiy, lectures and inagural lectures.
  • Other
    This type is for all kinds of other files or documents which do not fit into one of the other categories.

The explanation of the document types in most cases follows the documentation of OPUS and was only modified in parts where needed.
(Source: OPUS 4 handbook, version 4.2.1 (from: 01.03.2012)